Shleimut: Jewish Paths to Wholeness and Peace

“Shleimut” is Hebrew for “wholeness” and shares the same root as shalom, peace. By integrating that which has been cut off, both on an individual and a collective level, wholeness holds the promise of a more inclusive, more equitable and more peaceful world.

Rooted in Jewish wisdom. Open to all.

Shleimut is deeply rooted in Jewish tradition, while also drawing wisdom from a diversity of the world’s sacred traditions and humanistic approaches. Individuals and communities of all backgrounds are invited to join Shleimut in the journey towards wholeness.

Christian Candle and Chalice Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels
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Each of us contains something precious in our core, represented in the logo by the small purple circle in the center. Along our life journey, each part of ourselves, each petal in the logo, supports the blossoming of our inner sacredness. As we expand in our wholeness, we increasingly “wear” our inner preciousness on the outside, represented in our logo by the outer purple circle. As we expand in our wholeness, we bring forth a more just, equitable, peaceful and sustainable world for all.